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Remington Sportsman folding knife - $14.62
Remington Sportsman Knife I purchased the Remington Sportsman knife online from Wal-Mart for $14.62 and what can I say… you get what you pay for.

The Remington Sportsman knife was only available online from Wal-Mart so I couldn’t inspect the knife before purchase. The knife looks nice and is functional, but I have two primary complaints.
First, one side of the handle is used as the spring lock for the blade, so it doesn’t seem like what’s left is enough anchor the pivot of the blade. Secondly, the rubberized paint material is already starting to flake off making the knife appear cheap which isn’t good after 2 months of use.

I like to take care of my tools, so I tend to prefer more expensive / higher quality products. For the money, this isn’t a bad knife and I’m sure I’ll use it until it falls apart. It would be great camp knife or for throwing in the tool box - then remember to dig it out when you don’t want to wreck your good knife.