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Maverick 88 Field and Security Shotgun Combo - $316
Maverick 88 field and security shotguns offer high quality construction, reliability, and acceptable performance at an unmatched price. Why take chances with a used shotgun when you can purchase a brand new Maverick 88 for less than $200?

The price of the Maverick 88 is so low that I was skeptical of the quality and durability until a little research made me think otherwise. Mossberg actually makes the Maverick 88 and in fact, many parts are interchangeable between the Maverick 88 and the Mossberg 500. The Maverick 88 may have imported parts, but it is assembled in the USA; this keeps the price low but doesn’t appear to cause issues with quality.

If you haven’t guessed, based on my research, I did decide to purchase the Maverick. Wal-Mart only carried the field model with a 28” barrel, but that was fine since I wanted to have a multi purpose gun. The next order of business was to order a pistol grip, sling, swivels, and an 18 ½ barrel mimicking the security model. Having a long barrel and butt stock allows me to hunt or shoot trap, but then the pistol grip and short barrel go back on for ‘home defense’ mode.

If you decide to purchase aftermarket parts, make sure to check for compatibility. Most parts for the Mossberg 500 will work on the Maverick 88, but there are exceptions. Replacement fore-ends for the 500 will not work, so make sure to read the fine print. Here is a run-down of the costs that I put into my Maverick field and security combo.

Maverick 88 field shotgun with 28” barrel $177 (Wal-mart)
Mossberg 500 18 ½” barrel $89 (Mossberg website)
Pistol grip $24 (ebay )
Sling and swivels $26 (ebay)
Total Do-it-yourself Maverick field and security combo $316

I have seen comments on forums about factory combos, but I have never actually found one for sale. This may not be the cheapest way to build a field and security combo, but it was nice to spread the expense out over a few paychecks (the costs above do ignore tax and freight).

The sling, swivels, and pistol grip weren’t absolutely necessary, but I didn’t want to do it half way. I would definitely buy this gun again although I might experiment with different accessories.

If you are looking for a reliable and inexpensive shotgun; go buy a Maverick 88!