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Katadyn Exstream water purifier
Katadyn Exstream portable water purifier - $22.00
Katadyn Exstream portable water purifier The Katadyn Exstream is a sports bottle with an integrated purifier. A 3-phase water filter that eliminates bacteria, protozoa, viruses, and improves taste. Simply fill up the bottle, insert lit with integrated filter, and drink. One filter will treat up to 26 gallons of water before needing replacement. Weighing about 1/2 lb dry, the Exstream is a great solution for potable water on the go when size and weight are an issue.

Once you run thru the filter conditioning steps the water quality of this system is great. You can't beat the convenience of filling the bottle in a stream and immediately being able to drink. I didn't have any trouble producing water by sucking on the straw or by squeezing the bottle (but a combination of both worked best for me).

This isn't the purifier for you if you want to batch process water for later use. Just over 20 oz of water fit in the bottle after inserting the filter, so only a small amount of water can be purified at a time. Squeezing the bottle isn't as efficient as a pump filter, and the bottle must remain upright in order for water to be drawn in thru the filter opening. At $49 dollars, the cost is reasonable but there are cheaper alternatives.

If you want to purify large quantities of water at once, shop for something else. If you are looking for an affordable and portable water purifier great for backpacking, traveling, and emergencies, the Katadyn Exstream is an outstanding choice.