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 Emergency Pro hand-crank flashlight and radio - $19.00
emergency hand-cranked flashlight and radio The Emergency Pro is a compact hand-crank powered device that functions as a radio, flashlight, and cell phone charger. Although the Emergency Pro does many things, it doesn't do any of them well; here is a quick summary of the pros and cons of the Emergency Pro.

I only have a few good things to say about the Emergency Pro, but there were some highlights.

The unit is lightweight and compact; perfect for throwing in a backpack or glove box. For an analog radio, I didn't have any trouble tuning in several AM and FM stations. It does include an integrated cell phone charger, but you need to order the adapter separate (which is standard). Unfortunately, this is where the 'pros' end.

The Emergency Pro is easy to charge via the integrated hand crank, but the charges never lasted for more than a few minutes. Unfortunately, the hand crank is the only way to power this device. It will not run off of standard batteries or DC adapter. At full charge, the flashlight does not put out much light from what appears to be a single LED.

I received the Emergency Pro as a gift (sorry for the tough review sis) so I don't exactly know how much it cost. It is available on-line for $19.99 plus $10 shipping and handling but I feel it is worth much less. If you have the chance to pick one up for $10 to $15 dollars, go for it. Otherwise, spend a little more and buy a radio with automatic weather alerts, longer internal battery life, and the ability to run off of batteries or a DC adapter.