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Blast Match Emergency Firestarter - $22.00
BlastMatch emergency fire starter The BlastMatch is a compact fire-starting system that is designed to be functional in nearly all weather conditions which can be operated with only one hand.

When the eagerly awaited BlastMatch arrived, I ripped open the box to inspect my new gadget. Unfortunately, my first reaction was disappointment.

For $22 I expected something that was more solidly built. The cap and locking mechanism are a little awkward and flimsy and the plunger feels like it is rattling loose. I did appreciate that the starter was compact and could be easily operated even while wearing gloves.

Using the BlastMatch for the first time erased many of my early opinions. The cap mechanism is awkward, but it stows out of the way and does not hinder the operation of the fire-starter. Using the BlastMatch could not be easier.

Press in on the thumb switch and push down on the plunger. For the minimal effort, I was surprised by the stream of sparks it produced. I am guessing the reason the plunger ‘feels’ loose is so that it can be rotated to ensure even wear against the flint.

There are cheaper emergency fire-starters out there, but none are easier to operate than the Blast-Match. Unless money is extremely tight, you will be well pleased you spent a few dollars more to get the top of the line fire-starting BlastMatch.