SPAM and twinkees have been associated with survival food for as long as there have been survival movies. Twinkies last longer than many other bakery products, but their shelf life is a relatively short 30 days. SPAM on the other hand will last as long as the can remains in good shape and is stored under proper conditions.

Companies specializing in storable food products will make guarantees that their items will last 10, 20, or even 30 years. Traditional food companies don’t make these kinds of claims… except for Hormel.

The following is an excerpt from Hormel Foods' website concerning the expiration date of Hormel Chili, Stagg Chili, or any other Hormel Foods canned product:

“For maximum flavor and freshness, we recommend use by the ‘Best By’ date printed on our can. However, the shelf life of the product is indefinite as long as the seal remains intact, unbroken and securely attached to a can that has been well maintained.”

How is that for a bold claim in today’s litigious society. I suspect that this statement would hold true for most properly canned products, but here is to Hormel Foods for having the stones to honestly share the facts.

 For more information about SPAM or other products, check out the Hormel Foods FAQ .