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The importance of paper maps
Survival planning is becoming increasingly important in today’s uncertain world. An economic crisis, pandemic, natural disaster, or terrorist attack are other events that could affect the availability of food, water, and electricity. Learn what you can do to prepare for an emergency survival situation.
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We are developing lots of new content that will be posted over the next few weeks. Come back to check out new product reviews and additional long term food storage tips. Perhaps most exciting of all is our upcoming tour of an owner-built underground tornado shelter.
Many survival sites offer the same old pamphlets and outdated information. It may be relevant, but how can you tell when the site hasn’t been updated for decades?

Let us be your source of information for self defense, shelter construction, firearms, food storage, and other survival planning topics.
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SPAM is commonly associated with the practice of long term food storage - learn why in Our Tribute to Hormel and SPAM

Discover the importance of meeting your water needs during a disaster.